Reliving my 1st quarter of #100Daysof Code Challenge…….


25 Days ago, I took an important decision to take part in #100DaysOfCode challenge. I tried to complete this challenge previously but I was unsuccessful.

So what changed now from then ?

Let me start from the scratch. I picked up a programming language of my preference, which was Python, you can choose Java, C++,C or any language of your preference.
I was fortunate enough as I was looking for a resource and I was selected for “Stanford Code in Place” which is an initiative by Stanford to uplift the learning experience of Students.


During the 25 Days I learnt:
1. About a Robot named Karel
2. Control Flow
3. Decomposition
4. Expressions
5. Functions
6. Images
7. Lists
8. Texts
9. Dictionaries

I invested all this learning into solving multiple questions and creating a project “WhatsApp Bot” for which I learnt some more things such as how to work with Google Sheet API, Twilio and Heroku.

Link for project:

Difficulties that I face in the course:

I faced many difficulties in the duration of these 25 days and this was something which demotivated me to complete the challenge the previous time. But this time, it was completely different since I had the support of my community members and for any student/ professional, it is very important to be a part of a community. I was fortunate enough that I am a part of many communities and specially Scaler community helped me a lot in solving my queries.

Managing Time:

Time management has been very important in this journey till now since in this busy life, its very hard to pick out time. Picking out an hour everyday to focus on learning new things and implementing it is the key. Only watching tutorials and reading books won’t help but actually implement what you learnt is very important.

How to continue:

Since now I have been habitual, I will be sticking to the same routine everyday. Its very important to keep the consistency for the 100 Days duration.


Further plans consists on getting strong hold on Data Structures and Algorithms and building projects on Python. Since I have a knowledge on Machine Learning algorithms, I will build projects on it.

For my progress, check out:
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And that’s it !!!!!!!!!

I will discuss some technologies and future progress in the further blogs, till then have a read at this.

Signing off

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